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St. Mary Bourne Chalk Stream

Selected Projects

St. Mary Bourne Chalk Stream; Hampshire, England
The project brief from Vitacress ( was to create a 200m length of chalk stream at the headwaters of the Bourne Rivulet, made famous by Harry Plunket Greene's
Where the Bright Waters Meet. The outfalls to its cress-growing and packaging plant were capable of supporting a healthy chalk stream ecosystem favourable to both fish and invertebrates. The channel profile was designed with a typical assemblage of chalkstream features, including conditions favourable to a Ranunculus community, macro-invertebrates, Bullhead and Brown Trout.

After finishing the project, flyfishers have caught a number of trout over 3 lbs in weight, the largest being a new record for the Bourne Rivulet, surpassing even Plunket Greene's best fish! Juvenile bullheads are often captured during random dip sampling sessions, as are substantial numbers of fresh water shrimp
(Gammarus spp) mature Baetis nymphs and various caddis larvae including the free-range Hydropsyche.

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