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Crane Banners

Selected Projects

Crane Banners; Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland, Australia
Cranes are not only impressive because of their size; they are extraordinary creatures that live almost as long as humans and pair for life. Because of this, ancient Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Anglo-Saxon, Greek and Roman, as well as many indigenous cultures, regarded them as symbols of fidelity and heavenly messengers. Their behaviour, especially their dances, have intrigued people for millennia and are often woven into the fabric of their culture.

The Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland ( commissioned Aurochs to create 6 Banners on Cranes, with a focus on Australian species. The Banners, which are 2m tall, explain what cranes are, how many species there are around the world, their conservation status, their behaviour and their relationship with people.

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