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Holme Mills

Selected Projects

Holme Mills; Jordan Trust, Bedfordshire, England
There has been a mill at Holme Mills for over a thousand years and it has been in the Jordan family for the past 150. Located on the banks of the River Ivel, near Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, by the mid 1980s, Jordans Cereals ( was bursting at the seams - with growth of 8-10% a year, production was moved to another site, leaving the Holme Mills site redundant.

Being a heritage building and the 'symbol' of Jordans Cereals, the Masterplan proposes to convert Holme Mills into an interactive facility showing the history of milling on the Ivel and Biggleswade, illustratating how a milling family business evolved, as well as featuring other Biggleswade innovations such Dan Albone's tractor and bicycle and Bedofrdshire's market gardening heritage.

For the former feed mill site, surrounded by the River Ivel and its backwater, with views over market gardens, a series of themed garden rooms are proposed. Bedfordshire's history of vegetable and produce growing, cereal growing, the origin of vegetables and grain and sustainable growing will all be featured along with a café, shop and offices.

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