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Cairns Wildlife Research and Rehabilitation Centre

Selected Projects

Cairns Wildlife Research and Rehabilitation Centre; Kamerunga Rainforest Reserve, Australia
The brief for this project is to develop a tropical wildlife research and rehabilitation facility to manage the care and rehabilitation of sick and/or orphaned native animals and birds. The centre is also intended to maximise environmental, educational and conservation interpretation facilities to provide opportunities for public appreciation and recreation. Disturbed areas on the site will be progressively restored as wetland, grassland and rainforest, providing a range of habitats. Educational wildlife exhibits with guided and interpretive walks will assist with ongoing income generation for the reserve.

The Wildlife Conservancy of Tropical Queensland ( is a not-for-profit organisation which has a number of reserves in a variety of representative tropical Australian ecosystems. The total area of the Kamerunga reserve is a 104ha and borders the Barron Falls National Park and Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and yet is less than 10km from the Cairns CBD.

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